Thursday, August 10, 2006

Americans Harbor Strong Racist Bias Against U.S. Muslims

Fewer than half of U.S. citizens -- 49% -- believe U.S. Muslims are loyal to the United States, a Gallup poll shows.
“Almost four in ten, 39%, advocate that Muslims here should carry special I.D. That same number admit that they do hold some ‘prejudice’ against Muslims.”
This is just sad, why can't we as a nation ever learn anything. I have never hear people say that the KKK, which by the way is an extremist arm of Christianity say that the KKK is not loyal to the U.S. What about people who walk around with Confederate Flags how can they be loyal to this country--those stars and bars represent treason and racism in that order. I wish I could say that I am supprised. I would like to be suprised someday by our country's attitude on race religion, or anything that does not fit neatly into a Wonder Bread box. BTW haven't we learned anything from WWII or are we just going to lock up American Muslims like we did Japanese Americans.

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