Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good Morning

Yesterday my partner, T and I went to a Wedding shower. We were invited by the cousin of the bride who we will call C. T and C are enrolled in Emory's Rollins School of Public Health and will graduate in May 2007.

Here is the story: C's cousin is getting Married and a invited us to come to the wedding shower. C's family is white and they were generally fun people... white liberal types. We started talking to the grandmother who was also a very nice women who is probably in her 70's-80's. Anyway after talking to T & I a while the Grandmother asked "Will you be returning to your home countrys after graduation... "

I wonder what she thought after she learned that T is from North Carolina and I am from Missouri. It makes me wonder if the Grandmother believed that since T & I have seeked higher educations, and are Black, we must come from another country. I will add that I was wearing a T'shirt that read "Uganda", but T and I do not have accents although T will sometimes slip back into her southern voice, which usually only shows up when talking to her family.

Anyway just thought I'd share.

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