Friday, May 26, 2006

Georgia Flip-Flopper

According to SOVO some people in the LGBT community in Georgia are demanding that Cathy Cox, return campaign contributions made to her. Cathy Cox is currently the Secretary of State for the state of Georgia, she is now making a bid for Governor.

During the 2004 election Cox was opposed to the Marriage ammendment:
Cox called the proposal “unnecessary” because it duplicates a 1996 state law banning gay marriage. “What’s most disturbing about this proposal is that the real agenda is not to clarify the law — instead it’s a cynical campaign year attempt to drive a wedge between Georgians and turn one citizen against another,” Cox said in a prepared statement at the time. “We ought to be focused in Georgia on creating an environment of equality, fairness and understanding for all our citizens — whatever their orientation.”

Cox, throughout her career has courted gay support, but now that she is running for governor she feels that the only way to win is to cater to the right. This is just one more example of Democrats not standing up and betraying their supporters. Cox now claims that she has always believed that marriage should be between a Man and a Women. Okay, but why flip-flop and now say marriage should be in the constitution. I would rather support someone who sticks with their beliefs. Remember Georgia's current governor, Sonny Perdue ran on the campaign to bring back the Confederate emblem on the Georgia flag...then when he was elected flip-flopped and guess what? No Confederate emblem on the flag.

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