Monday, April 10, 2006

More: Rallies for Immigration

Here are some clippings from major newspapers about the protest today, with a focus on Atlanta

(AJC) Thousands of marchers chanting "Si se peude" ("Yes we can"), wearing white T-shirts and waving mostly American flags overtook Dresden Drive Monday to participate in a National Day of Action on Immigrants' Rights. The raucous but orderly crowd began their march from the Plaza Fiesta shopping mall on Buford Highway shortly before 10 a.m. Many carried signs or wore shirts bearing slogans such as "We are not criminals we are hard workers" and "I'm a human being."

(NYT)In rallies that appeared to be exceeding the expectations of organizers and the police, hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their supporters marched today in more than 100 cities throughout the country... The marches took place in big cities like Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Atlanta, and in smaller communities like Hyde Park, N.Y., Garden City, Kan., and Belle Glade, Fl. ...In Atlanta, a sea of demonstrators, most of them dressed in the white T-shirts that have become emblematic of the immigrant rights marches, moved along a two-mile route, with marchers carrying signs about their rights and the competing bills in Congress. ...organizers said they believed the size of the crowd might have reached 80,000... At the beginning of the march, demonstrators held a banner that spanned the width of their procession that read, "We have a dream too."Someone else carried a sign that said, "I eat grits. You eat tacos," a message meant to convey how integral immigrants have become to Atlanta's culture and economy.

USA Today ATLANTA — Tens of thousands of immigrants spilled into the streets in dozens of cities across the nation Monday in peaceful protests that some compared to the movements led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and farm-labor organizer Caesar Chavez. ...police estimated that at least 50,000 people marched Monday morning.

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