Monday, April 10, 2006

He's Back

TBLJ loves to pick on Pat Robertson, mainly because he's sooo not a christian, at least my understanding of christanity. The Christian Coalition, the organization that Pat founded with Ralph Reed, another crazy x-tian moron, is running out of money and the kicker,... people are jumping ship. The followers are finally realizing that the man is crazy and do not want to be associated with him or his organization.
(WP) The once-mighty Christian Coalition, founded 17 years ago by the Rev. Pat Robertson as the political fundraising and lobbying engine of the Christian right, is more than $2 million in debt, beset by creditors' lawsuits and struggling to hold on to some of its state chapters.
Sadly, if a democrat or a progressive came back into power they would probably have lots of money flowing back in.

Thank you Tina

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