Saturday, June 10, 2006

More on Cox's Flip-Floppin

Although TBLJ still has not made up her mind about what to do about the Georgia Gubernatorial Primary and I still believe that Cathy Cox is the lesser of two evils. I will still continue to be highly critical of her flip floppin' stance on the issue of Same-Sex Marriage.

In the latest SOVO Several prominent lesbian and gay-friendly politicians are lending their names to a lavish June 15 women’s fundraiser for Cathy Cox’s gubernatorial campaign, despite the Democratic candidate’s recent controversial statements over gay marriage.
One of them Karla Drenner, Georgia’s first and only openly gay state legislator, claims that she is "weighing her support of Cox’s campaign after learning the gubernatorial candidate does not support civil unions. Ashe and Benfield said they remain committed to Cox’s bid for governor." I will believe that when I see it. Drenner seems to be only irritated that Cox does not support Civil Unions

When Drenner learned Cox did not support civil unions this week, she said she was “shocked... I had no idea, no idea ... I feel shocked and I feel very deceived. It’s one thing to believe marriage should be between a man and a woman, but to rule out civil unions, to believe gay people deserve no rights, seems archaic. This was not my impression of her at all...Drenner said she agreed to support Cox last year, but now wants to speak to her about the issue of civil unions before deciding to continue her support."

I wish someone would explain to these bumbling politicians that there is no such institution known as Civil Unions. Civil Unions will just reduce people like me and my partner to second class status and Georgia would have to create a whole set of new laws to deal with Civil Unions if they were created in the state. BTW same-sex marriage is inevitable.

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