Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Atlanta's LGBT political issues around Race

Interesting story in the LA Times about Atlanta's Black LGBT Community and their lack of a political voice in the overall LGBT community of Atlanta. Infact most (white) political organizations in Atlanta complain and cannot figure out why blacks are not participating in their organizations. Juxtapose that article to these from SOVO and QPA's blog and maybe one can get a good picture of the LGBT political structure in Atlanta around racial issues.

BTW I agree with QPA definition of racism which is...

QPA defines racism as anything that supports white supremacy. It is not about us all getting along, or simply about making sure "diversity" exists in every space... there is white supremacy in the world, meaning white people control the resources, money and power in the world. This is because they stole it from people of color, through genocide, slavery and colonization. If, by my definition, racism is anything that supports white supremacy, and white supremacy is already in place, then it follows that pretty much everything in this world is racist, unless it is undoing the system of white supremacy. If you are not doing anything to end white supremacy, then you support it. By my definition, if you support it, you are racist.
If you are oblivious to the fact that racism exists in the world, you are a racist by default, because you do nothing to change white supremacy. If you use your white privilege in the world (meaning you are a white person), you are by default racist, because you won't notice when you are supporting white supremacy.

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