Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spotting Famous People at Hartsfield

T and I are still at Hartsfield airport...oops I forgot Atlanta changed the name of it's airport to Hartsfield-Jackson. Anyway we have seen three famous people today, but I am embarrased to say that we seem to be the only two people in the entire airport who don't know who one of the people is. I say this because people keep going up to him and asking for an autograph.

We saw this kid buy a magazine and asked him to sign it and he did. I was so curious that I went to the newstand to find the magazine to see if I could see his picture to find out who he is. Later some women, older type stereotypical house wife type or soccer mom, gave the famous no name man a picture that was framed to sign and he did. Since then countless of other people have walked up to him aking him for an autograph, but T & I still have no idea who he is.

Today we've seen Amy Ray, Martin Luther King III, and the guy we don't know.

Now we are finally boarding.
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