Sunday, April 09, 2006

From Latinos' Rally, Hopes for a Movement

The author of this WP article, N.C. Aizenman, is truly ignorant of what a civil rights struggle is and or its history. It's not like Dr. King just sprung out of no where and became a leader. The civil rights movement that existed in the 60's came out of a huge grassroots struggle that had existed for decades. Plessy Homer did not just sit on a train because he wanted to sit and Rosa Parks wasn't just tired.
Also there were lots of leaders in the civil rights movement and not every black leader during Dr. King's time agreed with him.
The mobilization, which already has drawn hundreds of thousands of people this year to immigration protests in major cities, has yet to produce the visible leadership characteristic of civil rights movements...The effort to mold an issue into a movement might be hampered by theabsence of a nationally recognized leader to fulfill the galvanizingrole that Martin Luther King Jr. played for the African American civil rights movement, or that Mexican American labor activist Cesar Chavezplayed for West Coast farm workers...the recent demonstrations have been the work of a diverse, dispersed, grass-roots network of communityservice organizations,social clubs, unions and Spanish-language media outlets.

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