Thursday, March 16, 2006

Newspaper pulls Adele Fergusen's Racist article

The Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal pulled Adele Fergusen Racist article TBLJ called it Racism 2006, Don't worry here is a scanned copy and another one thanks to Godly who also saved a copy 0n Horsesass blog.

Here is TBLJ's letter to the editor
Dear Editor,
I have to say that I am sad and disappointed at your newspaper, if that is what it is. I have recently read an article by your columnist Ms. Adele Ferguson, title "Why do Blacks Continue to Support Democrats?" I also understand that you have recently pulled that article. I am not sure if I should thank you for pulling it are not because I am actually shocked that you published it in the first place. I also looked at another article published by Ms. Adele that is still on your site and whether you know it are not Adele is a racist and her writing reflects it. In the article titled Diversity and the media published March 3, 3005 there are racist undertones throughout her article.

Remember this is 2006, I know that Adele is not wearing a white hooded coat (although she may have one at home) she is still a racist. Racism in 2006 looks very different than it did when my grandparents were growing up and even my parents. New racism is found in people like Adele and your newspaper. Racism, is so ingrained in our society that it is part of the culture and history of the United States, it's in the water we drink and the air that we breath.

I still have a copy of the article which I will post on my blog.

One more thing, I do understand that you are a newspaper and have the right to publish whatever you want, obviously you felt that there was something wrong with the article otherwise you would have not pulled it and instead would have stood by it and maybe published another opinion piece to go with it.

Thank you

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