Sunday, March 26, 2006


Rice Accepts DJ's Apology for Racial Slur,

...Saying the incident shows that even mature democracies take centuries to heal racial wounds.

"My understanding is that he apologized, said he didn't mean it," Rice told "Fox News Sunday." "I accept that because we all say things from time to time that we shouldn't say or didn't mean to say..."

Rice said Sunday that the incident is evidence that the "birth defect" of slavery infuses even mature democracies with racial tensions that take generations to heal.

Rice added that she hopes the episode inspires Americans to "be a little bit more humble" about the progress of emerging democracies such as those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What was that last part? What does a racial slur that was used by a white man to decribe a black woman who happens to be the Secretary of State have to do with Iraq and Afganistan?

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