Monday, February 27, 2006

Butch Men in Heels

Jasmyne Cannick sent me Black America's Infatuation With Butch Men Up in Heels I have to say, please read it. Jasmyne poses this question:
So why is it that Black audiences can embrace a man playing a female role on the silver screen, but still have problems with real life Madea's in their own communities and families?
What I find interesting, and rememember I am a Jew, is that these people who will tell me I am going to hell, or tell a any LGBT person they are going to hell, are the same religious right that laughs at this movie.
But what if Tyler Perry were gay? Would Madea continue to be as popular among Black churchgoers? Probably not. At least with his assumed heterosexuality, Christians can rest at ease that they are not supporting anything gay because after all, it is just a role. RuPaul, while a great performer, was openly gay and therefore never found the wide spread acceptance and fame that Madea has.

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