Monday, October 24, 2005

This is my daily rant

This is my daily rant. I am not sure if this is going to be a regular post at TBLJ, due to time constraints and a new busier schedule I am having a hard enough time blogging. Anyway, I thought I should right some more about myself because I seem to be attracting some people to this blog who probably think I am just another crazy LIBERAL.
Well I am a liberal and proud of it I am also very progressive. I cannot be pigeon holed into some box because I am a Black Jewish Lesbian. All those parts are just as equal. So it goes with out saying that I will be concerned for the rights of minorities in this country especially minorities of color, gender and I care about religious freedom. Don’t tell me how to worship and I will not tell you.
One more thing concerning this post.
I spent seven years in the United States Army defending this country. I also spent that time investigating crimes in the military. This case above is a crime. The soldiers probably thought that what they were doing was okay. Guess what it’s not, it’s a crime. I don’t blame our soldiers. This is what happens when soldiers do not receive proper training and when most of our forces are made up of National Guard and Reserve soldiers and not full time soldiers. With out proper training events like these, and the ones that we have already seen plastered all over the newspapers, happen. Our soldiers deserve better, they deserve better than what they are getting from our government.
My cohort Tigerwolf was also in the Army and I would like to invite her to add to this piece by posting a rant of her own.

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