Monday, October 24, 2005

Officials seize sex offenders baby....

normally i'm of a like mind with TBLJ. but this time...i am struggling to respond to this in a thoughtful manner. but i am failing.
f--k parental rights. f--k time served. some things you can't forgive. and others, you don't casually allow to happen again because you gave someone the opportunity to do it. the OVERWHELMING evidence is that sex offenders can not be rehabilitated and that for every victim that comes forward, that one offender has many more who are permanently scarred and will never seek justice.
people who knowingly keep their child at risk by allowing them to live with a ticking bomb deserve to lose them. i reserve my outrage and righteous indignation for all the half-souled folks who weren't safe in their own homes. i save it for the children of those so f--king co-dependant they are willing to sacrifice their child for their addiction to toxic relationship. i save it for a congress that will hold a special session to interfere in spousal rights, but won't make it a federal crime with mandatory sentencing and life long monitoring, if not imprisonment, for child rape. i save it for the members of the 1 in 4 and 1 in 8 clubs. i save it for all of us who are still living with nightmares, panic attacks, intensive therapy, and the DAILY decision to continue to try and have some sort of a life worth living, whether we have to self medicate to do it or not.
Thank GOD someone with the power to do something put this child's rights first. this is not one of those situations were no one would ever dream he can't control his impulses. i don't give a f--k when he did it. ask him when his last violent sexual fantasy was, and then see how safe that child, or its friends, would be in that house. for all of my friends who's parent's KNEW, but stayed, kept sending them to spend the night, or just wallowed in denial... to all of them i say, finally, hopefully, we saved somebody.

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