Friday, September 30, 2005

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Bill Allowing Same-Sex Marriage

Arnold vetoed the California marriage bill today. This must be some kind of a dumb Republican move to appeal to the anti-gay base of the the republican party to save his Republican political career. Schwarzeneggar claims he wants the courts to decide or the people. He must believe that that if he vetoes the bill then the decision of same-sex marriage is out of his hands. His numbers are falling at the polls and he has forgotten number of LGBT that supported him

According to 365

Both gay Democrats and Republicans attacked Schwarzenegger's decision.
"Instead of granting the most basic of protections to thousands of California families, Governor Schwarzenegger has chosen to protect the anti-gay special interests that control the Republican Party," said John Marble, a spokesperson for the National Stonewall Democrats. "This legislation was passed with the support of the California Democratic Party, a Democratic Assembly, a Democratic Senate and a Democratic Governor would have signed this bill into law.

I must admitt that I agree with the comment made by Purple America

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