Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pictures: New Orleans

Courtesy CNN

After riding out Hurricane Katrina at home, Grace White, 73, is helped out of a hole cut in the roof of her Lower 9th Ward home.

Helping her to a rescue boat are Oscar Dupre, bottom left, Alfred Green, top left, Cerra Washington, top right, and Brandon Douglas.

Volunteer Sarah Roberts carries two young flood victims to safety after they were rescued by boat from their neighborhood on the east side of New Orleans, Wednesday.

According to officials, Hurricane Katrina left 80 percent of the city underwater.

Two men hail a rescue boat Wednesday in a flooded neighborhood on the east side of New Orleans.

Nine people perched atop rubble in New Orleans wait to be rescued Wednesday.

Thousands of people who didn't evacuate before Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast on Monday became stranded.

Many died in the powerful storm surge and others are suffering from a lack of food, clean drinking water and dangerously polluted water.

After being rescued by boat from his flooded home in New Orleans, Brian Gayton cries for his grandmother, whom he lost in Hurricane Katrina.

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