Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bush Criticized on Sports Page

It is pretty bad when the sports columnists, start to criticize the president for being on vacation while our soliders are dying. Not only is Mr Bush on vacation, he is using the time to bike ride with Lance Armstrong. Does he think that this will bring his poll numbers up?

As The Financial Times noted, Mr. Bush is acting positively French in his love of le loafing, with 339 days at his ranch since he took office - nearly a year out of his five. Most Americans, on the other hand, take fewer vacations than anyone else in the developed world (even the Japanese), averaging only 13 to 16 days off a year.



emmanuel77addison said...

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Neil said...

Wow. That was some piece for a sports columnist.

Mayne there is hope for the MSM after all?

Could it be at the sports desk?

Go figure...